go Vibrant’s Million Step Challenge

Congratulations to the Million Step Neighborhood Challenge Winners. Yes, that’s right winners, as in more than one. For the first time in the four years of the Million Step Neighborhood Challenge, we have 2 winners this year!

Both neighborhoods logged over 164 Million Steps or 210,000 Miles respectively in a 5-month period with several hundred people in each community logging steps!

Congratulations to Norwood

As some of you know, the initial results showed that Mt Washington was the winning neighborhood. But after information was shared that many participants were unable to log steps in the last hour of the challenge due to tech issues, it was clear that both neighborhoods were within the smallest fraction of a percent of each other and between the two of them having logged ~78% of the total miles across all neighborhoods.

The purpose of the Challenge is to get people out and active while building neighborhood camaraderie. We heard from Million Step participants that it has changed their communities for the better. Given the logging issues in the final minutes and that total miles walked were within the smallest fraction of each other on a large number, the fair and right thing to do was to declare two winners. That continues the spirit of the Million Step Challenge, which is to bring people together.

And since participants have 5 months under your belts, we hope you will continue walking until the next Challenge starts in May 2020.

About the Million Step Challenge

Go Vibrant’s Million Step Challenge is competition among neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Which neighborhood can log the most steps during in 2019? Who will take the top prize (a donation for an interactive, engaging playset in your neighborhood’s park)?

The challenge runs from May 24, 2019-October 12, 2019.

2019 Participating Neighborhoods

  • Avondale
  • Bond Hill/Roselawn
  • Clifton
  • College Hill
  • Covington
  • Delhi
  • Downtown/Mt Adams
  • East Walnut Hills
  • Evanston
  • Golf Manor
  • Madisonville
  • Mt. Washington
  • Newport
  • Northside
  • Norwood
  • Oakley
  • Pleasant Ridge
  • Price Hill
  • Walnut Hills
  • Winton Hills

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