Million Step Challenge Rules

Reminder, this is a friendly competition between Cincinnati neighborhoods with a goal of increasing community health and fitness.

The challenge runs from June 15, 2020-October 11, 2020. Any steps entered before June 15th or after October 11th will be removed by website administrators.

After July 1st, steps cannot be backlogged more than 2 weeks.

20,000 steps or 10 miles a day is the max on the drop-down menu from the websits. Apple Health and Samsung Health (via the App) will record the exact number of steps without a limit.

In 2020 with COVID-19, the top prize will receive bragging rights for the winning neighborhood

The cut-off date for logging steps will be a week from the official contest end.

go Vibrant is considering 2 categories in 2020, the “small and mighty neighborhood category” and the “large and proud category” based on the number of residents to make the challenge even more fair and equitable

go Vibrant is also considering a top participant category.